Will I ever outgrow my food allergy?

I can’t estimate your odds of outgrowing a food allergy. It depends on what you’re allergic to, how you’re wired internally, and how old you are. For example, children are more likely to outgrow food allergies than are adults who develop their allergies later in life. Children are also much more likely to outgrow a milk or egg allergy than they are to outgrow a peanut allergy.

In Food Allergies For Dummies, I have an entire chapter on preventing the onset of food allergies and offer some practical suggestions on how to possibly increase your chances of outgrowing a food allergy.

Caution: To determine whether you’ve outgrown a food allergy, your doctor may recommend a food challenge–trying a small amount of the food that commonly triggers your reactions. Never attempt a food challenge on your own. Food challenges should be performed under the supervision of a qualified allergist who has emergency medications and equipment on hand to treat a severe reaction should one occur.

See “Have Your Outgrown Your Food Allergy?” for details on how your doctor may test to determine whether you’ve lost your sensitivity to a particular food.